Municipal District Allocation Scheme – 2020

Given the unprecedented and extremely challenging environment we are now facing, ALL discretionary budgets are being reviewed and, therefore, the following budgetary measure is to be implemented:

  • All further payments from the Municipal District Allocation Scheme are to be postponed.

This is only a temporary measure intended on protecting resources at a time of great financial uncertainty and the situation can be reviewed when the economic environment permits.

Therefore any payments not yet processed or issued, regardless of having come before a municipal district meeting, will now be postponed.

Any changes to this position will be notified to you, as appropriate.

– Finance Department Meath County Council

Aura Leisure Centres – Trim & Navan

Meath County Council took a decision to close its swimming pool in Kells and libraries throughout the county on Friday. Given the escalating crisis and patterns experienced in other countries, Aura Leisure are planning on closing the Leisure Centres in Trim and Navan at 18:00 hrs this evening until further notice.

Community Grant Scheme 2020

Applications are invited from Community Groups, Tidy Towns/Village Committees, Residents Associations and other organisations, to assist with actions and projects being undertaken in their local area for the Meath County Council Community Grant Scheme 2020.  The range of grant categories available under the Community Grant Scheme 2020 are:

·         Residents Association

·         Tidy Towns

·         Equality and Social Inclusion

·         Recreation and Sport

·         Festivals & Events

·         Burial Ground

·         Ashbourne 2020 Commemorative Grant

Further details and application forms can be obtained from The Community Department, Meath County Council, Buvinda House, Dublin Road, Navan, Co. Meath C15 Y291 or by email or alternatively from our website:

The closing date for receipt of completed applications is 5.00pm Friday, 6th March, 2020

Report on Pedestrian Safety Newtown Bridge & R154 Pedestrian Crossing

Trim Municipal District – 2:00 p.m., 15th November, 2019, Trim Civic Offices

Report for Trim MD Councillors St Peter’s Bridge (at Marcie’s) Pedestrian Options


A Notice of Motion was submitted by Cllr Trevor Golden at the Trim MD Ordinary Meeting on 12th July 2019 as follows:

‘That Meath County Council will assess and prepare a report for the Members’ consideration on improving pedestrian access from the R154 to Lackanash Road. This report should include, but not limited to:

•Measures on the bridge
•Pedestrian Crossing on the R154’

Measures on the bridge
Several Options were reviewed and here follows a report of each option considered.

Road Marking: The length of this bridge is 38m and the width of the road (L-8016-2) on the bridge is 4m. The minimum acceptable width for a footway is 1.2m which only then allows only an unacceptably narrow 2.8m for vehicles – this creates a conflict between pedestrian and vehicle road markings.

Phasing of Traffic Lights: The traffic lights at this bridge currently only allow for vehicular traffic. The combined amber/green phase is 1.5 minutes. If an additional pedestrian phase were to be included in the cycle then a further minimum of 1.5 minutes would need to be allowed. This additional wait time would cause driver frustration probably leading to poor driver behaviour. In addition the space available for queued vehicles on the Navan side of the bridge will not allow for the extra cars that would need to queue while waiting for the green light thus causing conflicts/back ups on the through road from Lackanash to Navan. It is also questionable whether a pedestrian would wait for the pedestrian phase of the traffic light cycle before crossing thus making it ineffectual.

Cantilever Bridge: A cantilever bridge structure (similar to that in Navan) would cost approximately €0.8 million (based on pro-rate costs from the Navan bridge) which is prohibitively expensive considering the low pedestrian count at this location.

Separate Pedestrian Bridge: A pedestrian only bridge could possibly be constructed parallel to the existing vehicular bridge however this would cost in the region of €0.5 million – based on an approximately 50m long bridge. In addition the bridge wing walls would need to be broken through which is unacceptable in a protected structure.

Close Bridge to Vehicular Traffic: There is an option of closing this bridge to vehicular traffic and leaving it as pedestrian only. However the vehicles currently using this bridge would then be diverted towards the ring road. It is unknown whether the other junctions along the ring road can absorb this additional load. It also would create a 3km detour for vehicles as opposed to the current distance of 850m. However if the members wish to do this on a trial basis please advise and this office can arrange same.

Conclusion: The existing bridge has immense historical significance dating from 1330 and is a protected structure. It is in an Architectural Conservation Area and it is also located in the Boyne and Blackwater Special Area of Conservation and Special Protection Area. This means that any options involving civil works would need extensive permissions from various government bodies which may not be forthcoming.

There is no easy solution for giving more priority to pedestrians at this location and the pedestrian traffic counts do not justify extraordinary measures. Those pedestrians that use the bridge do so with due care and attention. No incidents are accidents have been reported to date nor were any issues identified during the pedestrian traffic counts undertaken (see below for pedestrian traffic count data).

It should be noted that there are many schemes that already form part of the County Development Plan which must be considered from limited funding. None of the options detailed above form part of the development plan and there is considerable expense involved in most of them. At this time the pedestrian count does not justify such expense.

The County Development Plan does include for a new bridge to be built across the Boyne which may reduce vehicular traffic at St Peter’s Bridge by approximately 50%. This may make it even easier for pedestrians to navigate the bridge.

Pedestrian Crossing on the R154

Meath County Council regularly receives proposals for new works but the volume of works unfortunately far exceeds the funding and resources available. Meath County Council therefore must prioritise works – pedestrian crossing locations are thus typically placed closer to urban centres where there is a higher pedestrian volume that there is at the proposed location above (i.e. on the R154 at the turn for the bridge).

Rather, it is the preference of this office to channel available funds towards a controlled crossing on the Lackanash Road at the pedestrian entrance to the Porchfields (approximately opposite the entrance to Steeple Manor Estate). It is hoped that this may be installed in 2020 if funds become available.

The report can be found in the agenda for the Trim MD Meeting on
Agenda – Trim Municipal District Meeting November 2019

Pedestrian Safety Newtown Bridge & R154 Pedestrian Crossing

Trim Municipal District – 2:00 p.m., 20th September, 2019, Trim Civic Offices

7 Notice of Motion

7.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden
That Meath County Council will assess and prepare a report for the Members’
consideration on improving pedestrian access from the R154 to Lackanash Road. This

report should include, but not be limited to:
• Measures on the bridge
• Pedestrian Crossing on the R154.”

Supporting information subject to the motion being proposed, seconded and

Following a meeting with the Senior Engineer, Transportation, it has been agreed that a
report will be prepared and circulated to councillors, when complete.
The motion was proposed by Councillor Trevor Golden and seconded by Councillor
Aisling Dempsey.

It was suggested that the assessment include the possible installation of lights that
would give preference to pedestrians and cyclists or a design such as the cantilever
bridge in Navan.

The motion was adopted.

Link to Minutes on Minutes – Trim Municipal District Meeting July 2019

Boyne BlueWay Update

Trim Municipal District – 2:00 p.m., 20th September, 2019, Trim Civic Offices

6 Notice of Question
6.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“What is the latest update on the implementation of the Boyne Blueway?”

Under the 2018 Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme, funding was approved of
€35,520 for the Trim Blueway. Work has now been completed on the Boyne Blueway
Trim brochure with the mapboards expected to be completed this month. A new page
for the Blueway will also be created on the website. A recent
information seminar took place on attaining accreditation for Blueways, it is intended to
develop a program of work to address any issues with the intention of applying for
accreditation for the Trim Blueway.

The response was noted.

Link to Minutes on Minutes – Trim Municipal District Meeting July 2019

Griffin Park – Temporary Road Closure July 2019

Meath County Council
Critical Infrastructure Works

Meath County Council has made an order to close part of local road L-40224-3 in Griffin Park Estate, Trim, Co.Meath.

The closure will be as listed below from Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July 2019 from 08:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs each day:

(a) That Part of Local Road L-40224-3 in the North East corner of Griffin Park Estate, Trim for a
distance of approximately 80 meters.

This road closure is required to facilitate critical infrastructure works relating to a new housing
development currently being built on the R-154 (Ring Road) in Trim.

Local diversion and information signage will be in place.

Access for residents and property holders will be facilitated throughout the closure period.

Rural Broadband – Community Driven Solutions

Meath County Council Ordinary Meeting – 13th May 2019, Council Chamber

9. Notice of Question
9.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden
“Would Meath County Council facilitate a Local Authority Structure/Building to be used to determine the feasibility of community driven solutions to Rural Broadband?”

Meath County Council will consider facilitating the use of a building, if a feasible community-driven solution to improve rural broadband is identified. The Council is positively disposed to engaging with any community group to assess suitable structures and locations to improve connectivity.