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Meath County Council Launches #GoRemote Campaign

Meath County Council have launched its GoRemote campaign which seeks to highlight the opportunities for workers to do their jobs remotely either from their own homes or from a co-working hub.

Residents across Meath have the longest commuting times in the country with over 20% commuting over one hour to get to their jobs daily. This has a significant impact on not only their own lives but the quality of family life and the community around them.

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Paid Parking Revenue / Cost

Transportation Strategic Policy Committee
18th October 2017, Training Room, Room 128, Buvinda House, Navan.

Notices of Motion
6.1 NoM -Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

For Meath County Council to prepare a document for the consideration of the members detailing the following:

The revenue generated and the operating cost of paid parking across the county and per Municipal District.
The annual cost of paid parking bye-law enforcement across the county and per Municipal District.
The cost implication (€/%) to Commercial Rates if parking charges were to be abolished with the retention of enforcement for time limits and illegal parking.

It was noted that at the September Meeting of Meath County Council it was requested to bring this motion to the Transportation and Economic Development SPC’s.

Cllr T Golden presented this Notice of Motion to the meeting and a response to the Motion was circulated to the Members of the committee.Following the presentation the following matters were raised:

  • The motion deals with public parking not private parking.
  • Pay parking has a negative connotation.
  • Businesses in Dunshaughlin are being affected by all day parking of vehicles.
  • If towns such as Ashbourne, Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin are included,the cost of enforcement will increase substantially
  • Enforcement does not work without payment for parking.
  • Difficult to recommend increase of rates as businesses are struggling.
  • Pay by text could allow parking time to be extended.
  • Some businesses with large car parks are assumed to have an unfair advantage; however, these businesses may have purchased and developed land at a cost to them to provide their own parking.
  • Compliance with the parking bye laws had risen from 35% to 90% because of enforcement, with a doubling of turnover of vehicles parking on the streets

Link to Minutes on Meath County Council