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Youth & Community Building – Notice of Motion

8.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

To ask Meath County Council to review the use of the service yard and building on St.
Loman’s Street, Trim with a view to the area being made available for a youth/community

Meath County Council is undertaking a ‘Future Ready’ review of Operations staffing,
depot, and fleet resources to ensure continued efficient delivery of services across all 6
MDs in the longer term and in the face of particular challenges such as climate change.
This is a significant piece of work and should a depot be identified for potential relocation
this will be communicated to relevant stakeholders for consideration of future use of the

Special Education Teacher (SET) allocation – Notice of Motion

10.3 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“Meath County Council notes the serious impact the resourcing of education may have in
Meath arising out of the new policy (Circular 0002/2024) on resource allocation for
children with additional needs that was issued by the Department of Education. Meath
County Council calls upon the Department of Education to pause the allocation model
until an impact assessment is done on children with complex needs accessing supports
and until there is adequate consultation with all relevant stakeholders.”

With reference to Kilbride National School motion passed and forwarded to Government.

Housing Estate Road & Footpath Condition Register – Notice of Motion

9.9 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“We call on Meath County Council to create and maintain a footpath and road condition register of all roads and footpaths in housing developments under the charge of Meath County Council.”

The roads in housing estates in charge of Meath County Council are rated and these are recorded on the Pavement Management System.

There is no up-to-date rating of footpaths in housing estates in charge of Meath Council as the methodology for rating footpaths is currently under review by the Department of Transport.

Park & Stride – Notice of Motion

7 Notice of Motion

7.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

We call on the Trim Municipal District of Meath County Council to carry out a Park &
Stride trial in Trim and bring findings to Municipal District members for consideration.

The Parking section will carry out a trial “park and stride” promotion in Trim. This trial will be run for a 3-month period in which the section will promote Park & Stride / Walk the last K. 2 carparks will be utilized for this promotion where drivers can park at Tower View all day parking for €2.00 or free parking in The Council Offices on the Summerhill Road. The parking section will report to the members on this trial its outcomes and recommendations.

Free Recycling Day Initiatives – Notice of Motion

9 Notice of Motion
9.3 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“I call on Meath County Council to increase the number of ‘free day’ initiatives for residential customers using Recycling Centres which are very successful, to facilitate a greater use of the Recycling Centres.”


Meath County Council provides a number of ‘Free Drop Off Days’ each year to encourage the use of the Recycling Centres for the management of specific waste streams and prevent the use of illegal ‘Man in a Van’ operators. Each year 500 tonnes of bulky waste and 1,500 mattresses are collected through these free events. The 2024 schedule of ‘Free Drop Off Days’ is prepared utilising the available allocation as agreed as part of the 2024revenue budget. When preparing the 2025 budget and developing the 2025 schedule, the number and type of these initiatives will be reviewed.

Free Parking under Free Travel Scheme – Notice of Motion

9.5 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden
“We call on Meath County Council to examine the feasibility of introducing Free Parking for Meath residents, who qualify for the Free Travel Scheme.”

The primary objective of parking charges is to create turnover of spaces in town centre for customers and clients of retail, business and services. The provision of free parking impedes this objective. Meath County Council grants free parking only to disabled permits holder in specific disabled bays and in any parking bays if all specific bays are occupied, a high level feasibility study will be undertaken which considers our overall corporate objectives.

Tara Mines Workers SIPTU ICTU – Notice of Motion

10.1 Submitted by Cathaoirleach Tommy Reilly, Councillors Sean Drew, David Gilroy, Trevor Golden, Edward Fennessy and Michael Gallagher.

Meath Co. Council notes the commitment in the Government’s recent budget to the introduction of pay-related job seekers benefit in December 2024. However, this council is supporting SIPTU’s Construction Sector campaign on behalf of the Tara Mines workers in calling upon Government to bring forward the implementation date of these proposals and supports the ICTU’s position for job seekers benefit to be increased to 70% of average earnings capped at €550 for a minimum of 9 months.

CCPC Dual Pricing Reward & Loyalty Cards – Notice of Motion

10.6 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden
“Meath County Council calls government and regulators (Competition and Consumer Protection Commission) – to ban the practice of dual/discriminatory pricing of goods,
specifically by supermarkets by means of a membership system such as Rewards/Club
cards. This coercive practice unfairly discriminates and effectively forces an additional
condition on the sale of goods.”

Motion calling for the consideration of Nuclear Power Generation in Ireland.

Over the years I have spoken about Nuclear Power in many contexts including Global Warming, Energy Security, Sustainability and Government Policy. Cllr. Alan Tobin also spoke on these issues and we share many views on the subject. In October I reached out to Cllr. Alan Tobin to co-sponsor a motion.

The Electricity Regulation Act, 1999 reads:

(6) An order under this section shall not provide for the use of nuclear fission for the generation of electricity.

This legislation has effectively stopped Ireland talking about Nuclear Energy. The purpose of the motion is for our country to have an honest debate about Nuclear energy and its possible role in our transition to low carbon electricity generation.

The motion does not propose or suggest renewables are not the future, they are but there is a difficult transition period ahead of us. Crucially, we don’t have the time. We believe a mix of nuclear and renewables is a viable solution for Ireland.

At the December 2022 meeting of Meath County Council our motion on the Electricity Regulation Act & Nuclear Power Generation was debated and passed by the members. The motion:

10.2 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden and Councillor Alan Tobin (Deferred fromOctober and November Meetings)

“Meath County Council calls on the Government to amend the Electricity Regulation Act and associated legislation to allow for the consideration and possible implementation of nuclear power generation in Ireland.”

The motion was sent to Government and to all local authorities for their consideration. We continue to work with elected members and groups so Ireland can have an honest debate on Nuclear Power Generation.

Here is a link to my notes that I worked from for the debate – Cllr Trevor Golden – Motion – Nuclear Power – Electricity Generation Act.pdf

Link to Meath Chronicle Article – Should nuclear power be generated in Ireland? – that is the question posed by two councillors at a Meath County Council meeting.

Link to 12-2022 Minutes December Meath County Council.