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LED Upgrade of Public Lighting – Notice of Question

8 Notice of Question
8.4 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“Can we have a progress report on the upgrade of public lighting to LED?”

Meath County Council is part of the Eastern Regional Contract with eight other counties that is being lead by Kilkenny County Council. Project management and programme delivery are currently under review. The actual installation is not in line with initial planned timelines; the lead authority is in detailed discussions with the contractor in respect of accelerating the programme and endeavouring to make up the delays.

Update on Public Lighting at Kildalkey National School

A tele-conference meeting was held on the 12th  March last between the Kenny Lyons Architects, Leamore (Contractor for St. Dympna’s National School Kildalkey) and the MCC Public Lighting Section to agree the cost for completion of the works by Leamore. The following was proposed:

MCC would make provision in its Capital Plan in the amount of €22,500 towards the cost of the public lighting works

MCC would provide 12 No. public lighting heads/lanterns to Leamore for the public lighting (MCC could source these lanterns  at a more competitive price through its maintenance contract)

Kenny Lyons would revert to the school/Department of Education to fund the remaining balance of  the Contractor’s  quotation to complete the works in the amount of €11,858.

Kenny Lyons Architects have advised that they were in contact with the Department just prior to the commencement of the current COVID 19 restrictions and that verbal agreement was given to fund the balance of the monies as set out above.

When the current COVID-19 restrictions with respect to travel and construction works are reviewed by the Government,  Leamore may be in a position to advise and agree on a start date and programme for the works with Kenny Lyons Architects.

The Council understand that the ESB are progressing with preparing a work order for the electrical services diversion works required (note: some ESB works may be affected by current COVID19 restrictions also).

Pedestrian Safety Newtown Bridge & R154 Pedestrian Crossing

Trim Municipal District – 2:00 p.m., 20th September, 2019, Trim Civic Offices

7 Notice of Motion

7.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden
That Meath County Council will assess and prepare a report for the Members’
consideration on improving pedestrian access from the R154 to Lackanash Road. This

report should include, but not be limited to:
• Measures on the bridge
• Pedestrian Crossing on the R154.”

Supporting information subject to the motion being proposed, seconded and

Following a meeting with the Senior Engineer, Transportation, it has been agreed that a
report will be prepared and circulated to councillors, when complete.
The motion was proposed by Councillor Trevor Golden and seconded by Councillor
Aisling Dempsey.

It was suggested that the assessment include the possible installation of lights that
would give preference to pedestrians and cyclists or a design such as the cantilever
bridge in Navan.

The motion was adopted.

Link to Minutes on Minutes – Trim Municipal District Meeting July 2019

Notice of Question – Public Lighting LED Upgrades

8.3 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden
“What percentage of total street lighting has been upgraded to LED and what are the targets for the remaining upgrades?”

Currently 8% of the public lighting in Co. Meath is provided by LED lights. Please note that there is a business case being prepared at national level, for the upgrading of the entire public lighting infrastructure. The outcome of this process will identify the types of products to be used and potential timelines for the financing of and undertaking the proposed upgrade works.

Estate Public Lighting – Taking in Charge Process

Meath County Council Ordinary Meeting
6th November 2017, Council Chamber

9. Notice of Motion
9.4 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“For Meath County Council to establish a lighting fund to provide lighting for estates that are without service and are in the process of being taken in charge or are unfinished (No Developer). Resident Associations can apply for fund by plebiscite.”

Supporting Information subject to the motion being proposed, seconded and considered. The Council holds a central budget to address deficiencies in estates to be taken in charge where insufficient funds are available for the carrying out of such works. On receipt of a valid taking in charge request/plebiscite, the Council initiates the taking in charge process and uses any available funds to carry out the required remedial works including public lighting up to the standard for taking in charge.

Illuminance (Lux) level standard for street lighting

Meath County Council Ordinary Meeting
6th November 2017, Council Chamber

8. Notice of Question
8.6 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“What is the illuminance (Lux) level standard for street lighting, where installed, in towns and villages?”

Response: In determining levels of illumination, the design brief considers pedestrian and vehicular movement in relation to a number of site specific factors, such as the surrounding environment, junctions, existing lighting from shops, crossing points, areas of activity etc. To give some indication for streets in Co. Meath, the lighting classes that are the most frequently used provide an average illuminance of between 5.0 and 7.5 lux.

Public Lighting Upgrade – Trim, Ballivor & Enfield

Trim Municipal District Public Lighting Upgrades

Works shall commence on Tuesday  18th October 2016 for approximately 12 weeks. A traffic management plan will be in place for the duration of the works at each location. Meath County Council apologises for any inconvenience caused and would appreciate the cooperation of all road users and the general public for the duration of these works.

Tower Court, Ballivor
Castle Abbey, Trim
The Priory, Trim
Delmere Estate, Enfield