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Dedicated Bus Lanes in Meath – Notice of Question

8.4 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

β€œCan Meath County Council provide details of all dedicated bus lanes within the County.”


Location Direction Length
R147 Bracetown North bound 700
R147 Piercetown South Bound 425
R147 Piercetown North bound 425
R147 Piercetown North Bound 835
R147 Piercetown North Bound 1100
Total 3485 (3.485 Km)


Special Speed Limit Bye Laws – Kilbride Village Submission

As part of the Special Speed Limit Bye Laws review I have made a submisstion for Kilbride Village.

The review will take place over the coming months. The review will be carried out in accordance with the β€˜Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits In Ireland’ published by the Dept of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

UPDATE: Due to changes by the department Meath County Council has this review on hold. The review will continue when the department issues guideance.