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M3 to Trim Road R161 Slip-Road

Meath County Council Monthly Meeting
1st February 2016, Meath County Council Chamber.

7 Notice of Qestion
7.6 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“Do Meath County Council and/or Transport Infrastructure Ireland carry out any traffic surveys on the R161 to measure traffic flows to the M3? If so, does the data support a slip-road to the M3 from the R161? If no data exists can a survey be carried out to determine if there is a need for a slip-road to the M3 from the R161? Do surveys take into account vehicle type, route and road suitability?”

Response: A junction on the Trim road to service Navan was considered as part of the M3 Motorway Scheme. However, it was found that it did not have sufficient capacity to cater for the predicted traffic volumes. Therefore, two new dual carriageway links were recommended to be provided to serve the town. It is noted, however, that the design of the Kilcarn Link did have regard for a future link to be provided between it and the R161 Trim Road. The Navan development Plan 2009-2015 includes an indicative alignment for this link road known as LDR1(b.).

Footpath linking Navan Road (R161) to Marcies / Newtown Abbey

Update April 2020

The project has been costed as part of the 2020 footpath works programme. The path from Newtown Abbey (Marcies) to the Navan Road (R161) will cost in the region of €68,000.

Update December 2019

I have met with the Transportation Department officals and progress has been made. All going to plan there should be progress in the coming months.

Update November 2019

I have spoken with managment about this project and resolving the the issues that need to be resolved before we can proceed.

Update September 2015

I have again raised the issue and requested a report on the issues relating to the project.