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Trim Municipal District

Speeding in Trim MD Villages – Notice of Motion

8.2 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

To help address speeding we ask Meath County Council to road mark all entrances to
villages, where appropriate, in the Trim MD with the new high visibility road markings of
White/Red Background.


  • As part of the National Speed Limit review, we are currently awaiting new Guidelines on
    the proposed changes to the speed limits nationally.
  • These changes may also have an impact on the Traffic Signs Manual which gives guidance on road markings.
  • On receipt of these documents, we will review and assess locations and update markings
    where necessary.

Youth & Community Building – Notice of Motion

8.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

To ask Meath County Council to review the use of the service yard and building on St.
Loman’s Street, Trim with a view to the area being made available for a youth/community

Meath County Council is undertaking a ‘Future Ready’ review of Operations staffing,
depot, and fleet resources to ensure continued efficient delivery of services across all 6
MDs in the longer term and in the face of particular challenges such as climate change.
This is a significant piece of work and should a depot be identified for potential relocation
this will be communicated to relevant stakeholders for consideration of future use of the

Trim – One of Ireland’s best-preserved Medieval Towns

Fáilte go Baile Átha Troim
Welcome to Trim

Trim, a designated heritage town in the heart of the Boyne Valley, is renowned as one of Ireland’s most beautiful towns and has something to offer everyone. With its famous monuments, beautiful streets, parks and walks, and summertime floral displays, it is a haven of relaxation and tranquility.

Céad Míle Fáilte.

Notice of Question – Swift Cultural Centre Parking

6. Notice of Question
6.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

Please provide an update on the traffic and parking management plan for the Swift
Cultural Centre

The Council has been liaising with the Solstice Arts Centre who manage the Swift Cultural
Centre. They have advised that the Swift Cultural centre website lists the various carparks
closest to the centre and have asked visitors to refrain from parking in nearby estates.
Going forward, future tickets and ticket confirmation emails will have the carparks listed
similar to the Solstice centre tickets. It should be noted that the public are informed when
making bookings of parking arrangements for each of the centres.

Notice of Motion – Pedestrian Crossing on Ring Road

7.2 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

To ask Meath County Council to review the provision of pedestrian crossings on the ring
road in Trim and present findings to members at an agreed date.

The transportation department intend to review the provision of cycling and pedestrian
facilities on the ring road in Trim once the R161 Trim Navan pathfinder scheme has been
advanced in order to further support and facilitate an increase in modal share for walking
and cycling trips in the town. Once these have been developed, the Council will present
its proposals to the Trim MD Councillors.

Free Recycling Day Initiatives – Notice of Motion

9 Notice of Motion
9.3 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“I call on Meath County Council to increase the number of ‘free day’ initiatives for residential customers using Recycling Centres which are very successful, to facilitate a greater use of the Recycling Centres.”


Meath County Council provides a number of ‘Free Drop Off Days’ each year to encourage the use of the Recycling Centres for the management of specific waste streams and prevent the use of illegal ‘Man in a Van’ operators. Each year 500 tonnes of bulky waste and 1,500 mattresses are collected through these free events. The 2024 schedule of ‘Free Drop Off Days’ is prepared utilising the available allocation as agreed as part of the 2024revenue budget. When preparing the 2025 budget and developing the 2025 schedule, the number and type of these initiatives will be reviewed.

Swift Cultural Centre – Notice of Question

8.5 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“In the interests of representation and balance, will Meath County Council be revising the articles of association or current appointments for directors of Solstice Arts Centre to reflect the addition of the Swift Cultural Centre in the Trim Municipal District?”


The Articles of Association will be reviewed following the expansion of services to include the Swift Cultural Centre.

Meath County Council Launches #GoRemote Campaign

Meath County Council have launched its GoRemote campaign which seeks to highlight the opportunities for workers to do their jobs remotely either from their own homes or from a co-working hub.

Residents across Meath have the longest commuting times in the country with over 20% commuting over one hour to get to their jobs daily. This has a significant impact on not only their own lives but the quality of family life and the community around them.

Flat Out Coworking + Coffee – Trim

Special Speed Limit Bye Laws – Trim Ring Road Submission

As part of the Special Speed Limit Bye Laws review I have made a submisstion for the ring road (R154) in Trim.

  • Rin Road, Trim. (R154) – From the entrance at Eamonn Duggan to the river.

The review will take place over the coming months. The review will be carried out in accordance with the ‘Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits In Ireland’ published by the Dept of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

UPDATE: Due to changes by the department Meath County Council has this review on hold. The review will continue when the department issues guideance.