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Longwood, Co. Meath

Road Sweeper – Trim Municipal District 2021

The following dates have been arranged for sweeps of the villages in Trim Municipal District:

SummerhillMonday 22nd March 2021
LongwoodTuesday 23rd March 2021
ClonardTuesday 23rd March 2021
RathmolyonTuesday 23rd March 2021
BallivorWednesday 24th March 2021
KildalkeyWednesday 24th March 2021
EnfieldThursday 25th March 2021
Enfield/Ring RoadFriday 26th March 2021

Longwood – HGV Study

Trim Municipal District Ordinary Meeting
2 :00p.m., 21st September, 2018, Trim Civic Offices

6 Notice of Motion
6.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

Requesting Meath County Council to carry out an in-dept traffic analysis of heavy goods vehicles traveling through Longwood. The data should include the following in addition to any other criteria deemed necessary by the Transport Department:

  • The number of Heavy Goods Vehicles Passing through the village on average per day (Mon-Fri)
  • The Source and Destination of the vehicles.
  • Average Speed of vehicles on the Enfield / Trim road – Propose the relocation of radar sign to measure.

Supporting information subject to the motion being proposed, seconded and considered: Meath County Council will undertake an in-depth analysis of the average number of HGVs travelling through Longwood village along this route (Mon – Fri) and also the average speed of vehicles on the Enfield/Trim Road. The Council has carried out a preliminary study on traffic at this location and intends to submit an application for funding to the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, under the Safety Improvement Scheme 2019 for minor improvements works.

Link to Minutes on Meath County Council

HGV Routes for Safer Towns & Villages.

Meath County Council Ordinary Meeting
9th April 2018, Council Chamber

9 Notice of Motion
9.7 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

For the Transport SPC of Meath County Council to designate HGV routes throughout the county and propose any by-laws required. The purpose of such routes:

  • Divert HGV traffic to higher capacity routes (National & Motorway).
  • Reduce HGV traffic in towns & villages.
  • Improve Road Safety on Regional and Local Roads.

Supporting Information subject to the motion being proposed, seconded and considered. It is recommended that this matter be referred to the Transportation SPC and that the SPC extend an invitation to Cllr. Trevor Golden to attend the meeting to contribute to the discussion.