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Meath County Council HVO Trial – Notice of Question

Transportation SPC – Notice of Question (Feb 2023)

Can Meath County Council investigate the possible use of and feasibility of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel for the fleet of council vehicles?

Response (May 2023)
Decarbonization of fleet is a priority for Meath County Council and will greatly aid organizational emissions reduction to achieve our 2030 targets, however, it is not without challenges for our larger sized fleet where EV or hydrogen technology is not fully proven or readily accessible. In order to strive towards our targets transitional options must be examined, including HVO. In developing transitional solutions, it is important that vehicles can continue to perform as present in terms of range, volume and load capacity, further to this an exercise is currently ongoing to ascertain our future resource needs(including fleet) in a changing environment.

Transportation Operations in collaboration with the Climate Action Team have commenced a trial of HVO in the Navan depot. Three vehicles from the Navan MD have
been assigned to the trial plus a Civil Defence vehicle from the adjacent HQ. The trial will run for a period of three months and may be extended for a further three months using a great number of vehicles. HVO fuel consumption will be monitored over the trial period as will vehicle performance.

In consideration of the longer term use of HVO or other alternative fuels there are number of considerations. Firstly, locations and size of the bunded tanks, some of our depots have restrictions on space or may require additional security if large volumes of fuel are to be stored, storage locations would have to be carefully considered to avoid unnecessary driving to re-fuel. Secondly, the fuel must be certified as fully sustainable, that is, made form waste oils and not from processes contributing to deforestation. Additionally, security of supply is important, that fuel is available on an ongoing basis with short lead in times.

It is recognised technology is constantly changing and the alternative fuels space is a dynamic one, Transportation will continue to engage with the sector to explore options and where appropriate participate in trials, consideration will need to be given on how best to procure alternative fuels and if there are economy of scales benefit in collaborating with other local authorities or agencies. The outcome of this trial will inform options for fleet across all directorates.

Lackanash Road – Speed Statistics

The VAS Inbound sign is located on the L-8016, Lackanash Road outside the Steeple Manor Estate, Outbound at Lackanash Estate. The signs records the number of vehicles and the speed at which they are travelling.

Inbound – Steeple Manor
Outbound – Lackanash Estate

L-8016 – Lackanash Road, Trim – Outbound Report, Inbound Report.

Summary Outbound: During this period of monitoring, 65% of vehicles were recorded driving above the 50km speed limit. The fastest vehicle was traveling at 147km/h at 22:21 on Wednesday 18th July.

Summary Inbound: During this period of monitoring, 56% of vehicles were recorded driving above the 50km speed limit. The fastest vehicle was travelling at 131km/h at 23:06 on Wednesday 18th July.

Recommendations: It is recommended that An Garda Siochána are notified of this traffic data. Garda monitoring and enforcement are required to ensure that drivers do not exceed the 50km/h speed limit.

Irish Water Service Disruption – Longwood (27th September 2016)

Meath County Council on behalf of Irish Water wishes to advise residents in Longwood that there will be water disruptions causing reduced water pressure and no water on Tuesday 27th September 2016 from 10am until 3pm due to essential maintenance.

A traffic management plan will be in operation for the duration of works.
Works are scheduled to take place from 10am to 3pm on 27 September.

Meath County Council on behalf of Irish Water regrets any inconvenience caused.
For further information please quote this unique alert reference number: MEA004611:
1850 278 278 (Normal Working Hours)
1890 445 335 (After Hours)

A Celebration of the life & music of Mickey McKenna

Alternative Entertainment presents:
A Celebration of the life & music of Mickey McKenna

Saturday 1st October

Family Concert at 3.30pm
Children of all ages welcome. Free performance

Evening Concert 8pm
Sean Garvey, Daoirí Farrell, Niamh Ni Bheolain, Liam Kennedy, Kevin Ward.
MC Finbar Boyle

Admission Free
Venue Trim Library 046 943 6014

For further information contact
Alternative Entertainments 087 2252 725

A Celebration of the life & music of

 Mickey McKenna

Trim MD Road Sweeper – October 2016

The following dates have been arranged:

·         Longwood/Clonard: Saturday 1st October
·         Kildalkey/Ballivor: Sunday 2nd October
·         Enfield: Monday 3rd October
·         Enfield Ring Road: Tuesday 4th October
·         Rathmolyon/Summerhill: Wednesday 5th October *

* Please note that this is the 4th and final sweep for the Rathmolyon/Summerhill area, if there is a preference to save this final sweep until later in the year please contact me or the Trim Area Office.

The sweeper will be starting at approximately 7am on those dates and will be working within the boundaries of the speed limit signs. To gain the maximum benefit local groups are asked to sweep the paths onto the roads or remove cars in advance of the sweeper’s arrival.

Trim MD – Road Sweeper – June / July 2016

The road sweeper will be covering the following areas in June & July. To gain the maximum benefit local groups are asked to sweep the paths onto the roads or remove cars in advance of the sweeper’s arrival.

The following dates have been arranged:
·         Rathmolyon/Summerhill: Thursday 30th June
·         Enfield: Wednesday 6th July
·         Enfield Ring Road: Thursday 7th July
·         Longwood/Clonard:  Wednesday 13th July
·         Kildalkey/Ballivor: Thursday 14th July