Councillors meet Tourism Ireland executives

Representatives of Meath County Council met with senior executives from Tourism Ireland. They were briefed on Tourism Ireland’s extensive promotional programme for 2015, which is in full swing right now. Among those who met with the tourism executives were Councillors Damien O’Reilly, Trevor Golden and Paddy Meade.

Councillors meet tourism executives.

Councillors meet tourism executives.

Tourism Ireland aims to build on the success of 2014, which was the best year ever for tourism from the United States, with visitor numbers increasing by 13per cent over 2013 – 134,000 additional American visitors during the year.


Alison Metcalfe of tourism Ireland said: “Our ambition for 2015 is to grow visitor numbers from the US by a further six per cent and we look forward to working closely with our valuable industry partners, in both the US and Ireland, to achieve that target.

“The outlook for 2015 is very positive, particularly given that the number of airline seats from the United States to Ireland is set to grow by 14per cent in the peak summer season months, making it that much easier to get to the island of Ireland from 11 gateways across the US.”
Over the week, Tourism Ireland will participate in, and promote the island of Ireland at a range of St Patrick’s Day activities across the United States.