Discretionary Funding

Members Discretionary Funding

Group Project Amount
Ballivor Playground Committee Additional Playground Funding 5,000
Ballivor Tidy Towns Voluntary Activities / Community Enhancement 500
Boardsmill NS Parents Association Computer Room 1,500
Boyne Valley Arts Arts Festival Promoting Mental Health 1,500
Boyne Valley Arts Festival 500
Clonard Community Council Purchase of Mower & Community Enhancement 1,200
Clonard Community Council Village Improvement Works 1000
Dunderry Badminton Club Equipment & Training 500
Dunderry Badminton Club Equipment & Facilities 1,500
Dunderry Camogie Club Equipment & Transport Costs 1,500
Dunderry GAA Walkway 1,000
Enfield Youth Club Youth Events 300
Gluais World in Harmony International Music Festival 1,000
Kildalkey Hurling Club Facilities Development 2,000
Longwood Badminton Club Equipment & Facilities 1,000
Longwood Community Group Community Facilities 2,000
Longwood Scout Group Training & Group Activities 1,000
Maudlin Sports Partnership
Trim Athletic Club & Trim Celtic
Progress new sports facility 10,000
Meath County Library Amateur Photography Competitions 1,000
Scurlogstown Olympiad 7 Arch Bridge Project 500
St. Fintina’s PP Parents Association Community Use Space 5,000
Trim Athletic Club Youth Activities 1,000
Trim Athletic Club Educational Talks 1,000
Trim Badminton Club Equipment & Facilities 1,000
Trim Brass Band Equipment 500
Trim Celtic Youth Activities 1000
Trim Celtic New Mower 2500
Trim Christmas Market Internal to Meath CoCo Tourism & Community 2000
Trim GAA Juvenile GAA Events 1,000
Trim Mens Shed Insurance Costs 500
Trim Pitch & Putt Improvement Works 2,000
Trim Tidy Towns Voluntary Activities / Community Enhancement 1,000

Group Project Amount
Scurlogstown Olympiad Works on 7 Arch Bridge 1,000
Kildalkey Tidy Towns & Development Group Upkeep and community projects for Kildalkey Village. 1,000
Dunderry Camogie Club Assist with extra costs maintaining/running activities during pandemic. 1,500
Clonard Community Council Upkeep and community projects for Clonard Village. 1500
Group Project Amount
Trim Mens Shed Building Works. 1,500
Trim GAA New Lighting on Pitch 3. 2,300
Dunderry LGFA Gear & Courses. 2250
Dunderry Camogie Club running costs. 2250
Enfield Development Group Enfield Community Hall Professional Fees. 1,200
Sheros Training. 200
Na Fianna GAA Kits & Training Equipment for children. 1,500
Longwood Running Group Safety Equipment / Lighting 2,500
Gluais Travel Expenses to Festivals 500
Meath Library Additional funds to previous allocation for Library promotions and competitions. 623
Group Project Amount
Scurlogstown Olympiad 7 Arch Bridge 1,000
Ballivor St. Patrick’s Day Parade Ballivor St. Patrick’s Day Parade. 1,000
Boardsmill GAA History Project. 750
Clonard Community Council New Lawnmower. 1,250
Dunderry GAA Club Goal posts & nets. 1,000
Claddy Hall Dunderry Dunderry, Kilbride and Robinstown Community Hall 10,000
Enfield Youth Club Enfield Youth Club Super Nights
Gluais Travel Costs. 500
Longwood Community Hall Group Longwood Community Hall refurbisment. 1,000
LONGWOOD GAA Nets & Posts for new training pitch. 1,000
Trim Autism Friendly Town Trim Autism Friendly Town. 500
Trim Womens Shed Group Setup Costs. 500
Trim Pitch and Putt Accessibility works. 5,000
Trim Mens Shed Redevelopment costs. 1,000
Group Project Amount
Clonard Community Council Upkeep of village. 500
Dunderry GAA Maintenance works. 500
Enfield Development Group EDG Arts. 500
Leinster Horse & Pony Animal Welfare. 750
Sick of Plastic Trim Keep Cup Scheme. 750
Sona Sasta Summerhill Meals on wheels. 500
Trim Athletic Club New sports facility. 10,000
Trim Autism Friendly Town Group startup costs. 250
Trim Meals on Wheels Meals on wheels. 500
Trim Mens Shed Maintaining and upgrading the facilities. 500
Trim Womens Shed Workshops. 500
Trim Musical Society Venue Hire Costs. 1,000
Abbeyfields Residents Association Estate Upkeep. 500
Clonard GAA Water Treatment System. 1,000
Ballivor First Responders Support cost for running service. 500
Trimfinity Arch Club Camps. 250
Trim Pitch and Putt Upgrade Facilites. 500
Trim GAA New equipment and gear. 1,000