Economic Development Strategy for County Meath

Meath Economic Development Strategy 2015-2022

Meath Economic Development Strategy 2015-2022

Key Outputs of the Strategy

  1. An evidence based approach to understanding and transforming the economic performance of the County.
  2. Providing a roadmap for economic growth and opportunities.
  3. Merging investment opportunities with land use planning.
  4. Development of a series of key recommendations to enable the County to realise its economic potential and prosper as a distinct and diverse location to do business.
  5. Translate key messages to various audiences via a range of marketing channels and actions.
Our Aims Our Focus Sector
7,500 new jobs Indigenous
Reverse the downward trend in ratio of self-employed income per head in Meath versus the State
40% increase in new investments Indigenous
Maintain or widen the gap in favour of Meath relative to the country as a whole in respect of the proportion of all employment accounted for by agency-assisted Irish owned enterprises (Meath 12% vs. State 8% in 2011)
Additional client companies (15%) FDI
Narrow the gap against Meath relative to the State in regard to the proportion of all employment accounted for by FDI firms (Meath was 2.9% vs. 7.9%)

The strategy will represent a positive corporate response to improve the county and region – from a social and community perspective as well as economically. In doing so, this Council is actively engaging with and building relationships with businesses who have a role in economic development, harnessing talent and creating attractive living environments. A key challenge will be to ensure more jobs are available within Meath to its residents and that the county is seen as a place to invest in as well as live and visit. In order for this strategy to succeed it requires a collaborative approach between state agencies, enterprise agencies, and the local communities.

Source / Further Details: @MeathCoCo‘s Economic Development & Innovation Unit