IDA lead site visits to Meath

5th February 2018, Council Chamber

8.7 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“For each year from 2012 to 2017 inclusive, per Municipal District, how many IDA lead
site visits took place and at what sites?”


Meath County Council does not hold any information relating to IDA company visits, nor
would the Council have direct access to such information, most of which would be
highly confidential.

The IDA periodically publishes summary information on a “per county” basis, and it is
highly unlikely that this information would be analysed on an MD basis.
Meath County Council participates in such visits only when requested to do so by the
IDA, and with the consent of the company concerned. In many cases, the Council would
not even be aware of a visit, or it might be brought into the discussion on a second or
later visit if necessary.

In relation to visits in which the Council has been involved, or are aware of, the Council
is not in position to make such information public due to the confidential nature of such
visits, which in some cases would be on a “no name” basis, or which would be subject to
formal non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.