Lackanash Road – Update

Trim Municipal District Ordinary Meeting 2:00p.m., 8th March, 2019, Trim Civic Offices
4 Statutory Business
4.1 Transportation

Reference was made to Item 8.1 – Correspondence received from residents in Lackanash. Michael Finnegan, Road Safety Officer, referred to the measures already provided, which were being ignored by some drivers. The effectiveness of ramps was acknowledged in reducing speed. However the dangers that they can create, particularly on a narrow road with a lot of pedestrian activity, were outlined. It was agreed to meet with the local Superintendent to request that enforcement activity be increased.
Matters raised by councillors included:

• The need for periodic and regular enforcement by speed detection vans, which had proven effective in other locations – reference was made to the need to identify a suitable location for the van to be positioned.

• The need to communicate with residents, e.g. sharing information on the speed surveys undertaken, and highlighting the possible options and solutions.

• The increasing issue of speeding in all locations, the role of the Gardaí in enforcement and the need for residents to contact the Gardaí with their concerns.

• The potential impact of providing a pedestrian crossing at the entrance to the Porchfields.

• The possibility of installing a chicane and a stop/go system on a trial basis.

• The need to progress the link road between the Dublin and Navan roads to take unnecessary traffic away from the town centre.

It was agreed that a letter would issue to residents outlining the actions to be taken and/or considered.