Meath County Council HVO Trial – Notice of Question

8.5 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“Can we have an update on the HVO trial please?”

In April 2024, Meath County Council commenced a trial with 10 vehicles of various sizes, ranging from a small van up to a large truck. During this trial there were no issues reported with any of the vehicles and the feedback from the drivers shows no difference to driving performance or fuel usage. By the start of August, 5,827 litres of HVO had been used, resulting in a reduction of CO2 of 16,222kg which is the equivalent to an 88% reduction in CO2 emissions. Odometer readings are being used for each vehicle on the trial to generate the MPG for each vehicle to assess the efficiency of each vehicle and compare against other similar vehicles. As part of the trial, 9,000 litres of HVO was ordered and this is expected to be fully utilised by mid to late September. Following the completion of the trial, the costs and performance will be assessed.