Notice of Question – Trim Burial Ground

5.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

Regarding a new burial ground for Trim can the following be clarified:

  • How many sites have been identified to date and were these identified by the local authority or a third party?
  • Is the local authority the only entity involved in the process or is the local authority in partnership with other entities?
  • How many sites, if any, have been identified as viable, what is the capacity/timeframe for delivery and supporting infrastructure required?”


  • 3 viable sites have been identified to date, lands at Loganstown, Dunganny and Dogstown. Site investigations were undertaken at the site in Loganstown and it was found to be suitable for burials, an offer has been made on the 13 acre site and we await a response from the vendor. The other two sites have not progressed to site investigation stage but a desktop geological study has been undertaken and this suggests favourable ground conditions but, as always, must be verified by excavating trial pits. The site in Loganstown is also more favourable in terms of accessibility and proximity to the town. The sites in Loganstown and Dunganny were identified by Meath County Council and the Dogtown site via an estate agent. Notifications for land for sale have also been set up on the major property selling websites.
  • Meath County Council is the only entity involved in procuring new burial grounds and do not intend to partner with others. The site will offer a full range of interment options including traditional burials, green burials and columbarium walls for cremated remains.
  • See answer above. It is estimated it would take 6 months to develop the preliminary design, 6 months to take through Part 8 and develop detailed design, 6 months for tendering stage and assessment and 1 year to build; in total 2.5 years.