Paid Parking Changes due to COVID-19

In light of the revised restrictions imposed on everyone following last night’s Government announcement we have been reviewing the operation of all Council services including the parking and warden services.

We believe that there is an important support role that our wardens can play to assist essential businesses and key workers in the current crisis.

Essential businesses include:

  • Pharmacy
  • Health Food Stores
  • Forecourt / Fuel
  • Specialist pet stores and animal feed providers
  • Supermarkets and butchers  
  • Convenience stores / newsagents
  • Laundries and Drycleaners
  • Banks / Post Offices

For the duration of the current emergency period therefore the revised role of our warden services will be to ensure that:

  • There is no illegal parking such as would restrict or prevent access to any of these essential services by customers or key workers
  • Parking is generally available for people using or providing these services
  • There is no improper use of disabled parking bays such as would prevent access for people with disabilities to these services
  • There is no illegal parking that could constitute a danger to other road users or pedestrians.
  • Loading bays are kept clear for the delivery of supplies to these essential services.

The Council would encourage any essential business having difficulties with illegal parking affecting access to their premises or parking for key workers to contact the wardens for assistance.

– Meath County Council