Slipways for River Rescue Emergency Services

Notice of Question – Cllr. Trevor Golden

Can Trim Municipal District/Meath County Council liaise with the stakeholders both seeking and involved in the provision of a slipway for emergency services to access the river Boyne at Castle Street, Trim?

The issue of providing slipways at various locations on the River Boyne for the launch and recovery of rescue boats is the subject of a number of Notice of Motions/Questions at Full Council and Municipal District level. A report on this matter is currently being prepared and will be presented to the Environment SPC Meeting to be held on the 17th December, 2015.
The response was noted.
An update from the SPC meeting was provided, including the need to maintain/upgrade the existing slipways and the plans to provide two additional slipways, one in Navan and one in Trim, the environmental impact assessment needed as the works would take place in a Special Area of Conservation and the number of agencies that were to be consulted. It was agreed that the report from the meeting would be circulated.