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Motion calling for the consideration of Nuclear Power Generation in Ireland.

Over the years I have spoken about Nuclear Power in many contexts including Global Warming, Energy Security, Sustainability and Government Policy. Cllr. Alan Tobin also spoke on these issues and we share many views on the subject. In October I reached out to Cllr. Alan Tobin to co-sponsor a motion.

The Electricity Regulation Act, 1999 reads:

(6) An order under this section shall not provide for the use of nuclear fission for the generation of electricity.

This legislation has effectively stopped Ireland talking about Nuclear Energy. The purpose of the motion is for our country to have an honest debate about Nuclear energy and its possible role in our transition to low carbon electricity generation.

The motion does not propose or suggest renewables are not the future, they are but there is a difficult transition period ahead of us. Crucially, we don’t have the time. We believe a mix of nuclear and renewables is a viable solution for Ireland.

At the December 2022 meeting of Meath County Council our motion on the Electricity Regulation Act & Nuclear Power Generation was debated and passed by the members. The motion:

10.2 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden and Councillor Alan Tobin (Deferred fromOctober and November Meetings)

“Meath County Council calls on the Government to amend the Electricity Regulation Act and associated legislation to allow for the consideration and possible implementation of nuclear power generation in Ireland.”

The motion was sent to Government and to all local authorities for their consideration. We continue to work with elected members and groups so Ireland can have an honest debate on Nuclear Power Generation.

Here is a link to my notes that I worked from for the debate – Cllr Trevor Golden – Motion – Nuclear Power – Electricity Generation Act.pdf

Link to Meath Chronicle Article – Should nuclear power be generated in Ireland? – that is the question posed by two councillors at a Meath County Council meeting.

Link to 12-2022 Minutes December Meath County Council.