Trim MD Road Sweeper – October 2016

The following dates have been arranged:

·         Longwood/Clonard: Saturday 1st October
·         Kildalkey/Ballivor: Sunday 2nd October
·         Enfield: Monday 3rd October
·         Enfield Ring Road: Tuesday 4th October
·         Rathmolyon/Summerhill: Wednesday 5th October *

* Please note that this is the 4th and final sweep for the Rathmolyon/Summerhill area, if there is a preference to save this final sweep until later in the year please contact me or the Trim Area Office.

The sweeper will be starting at approximately 7am on those dates and will be working within the boundaries of the speed limit signs. To gain the maximum benefit local groups are asked to sweep the paths onto the roads or remove cars in advance of the sweeper’s arrival.