Update on Public Lighting at Kildalkey National School

A tele-conference meeting was held on the 12th  March last between the Kenny Lyons Architects, Leamore (Contractor for St. Dympna’s National School Kildalkey) and the MCC Public Lighting Section to agree the cost for completion of the works by Leamore. The following was proposed:

MCC would make provision in its Capital Plan in the amount of €22,500 towards the cost of the public lighting works

MCC would provide 12 No. public lighting heads/lanterns to Leamore for the public lighting (MCC could source these lanterns  at a more competitive price through its maintenance contract)

Kenny Lyons would revert to the school/Department of Education to fund the remaining balance of  the Contractor’s  quotation to complete the works in the amount of €11,858.

Kenny Lyons Architects have advised that they were in contact with the Department just prior to the commencement of the current COVID 19 restrictions and that verbal agreement was given to fund the balance of the monies as set out above.

When the current COVID-19 restrictions with respect to travel and construction works are reviewed by the Government,  Leamore may be in a position to advise and agree on a start date and programme for the works with Kenny Lyons Architects.

The Council understand that the ESB are progressing with preparing a work order for the electrical services diversion works required (note: some ESB works may be affected by current COVID19 restrictions also).