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Boyne BlueWay Update

Trim Municipal District – 2:00 p.m., 20th September, 2019, Trim Civic Offices

6 Notice of Question
6.1 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“What is the latest update on the implementation of the Boyne Blueway?”

Under the 2018 Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme, funding was approved of
€35,520 for the Trim Blueway. Work has now been completed on the Boyne Blueway
Trim brochure with the mapboards expected to be completed this month. A new page
for the Blueway will also be created on the website. A recent
information seminar took place on attaining accreditation for Blueways, it is intended to
develop a program of work to address any issues with the intention of applying for
accreditation for the Trim Blueway.

The response was noted.

Link to Minutes on Minutes – Trim Municipal District Meeting July 2019

Porch Fields Funding

Porch Fields Walkway – Funding Secured

Today I received notification that my application under the Outdoor Recreation Scheme has been successful. The Department of Rural and Community Development has approved my proposal and have awarded €40,000, Meath County Council will contribute and additions €8,000 bringing the total under this application to €48,000.

Thanks to The OPW, Meath County Council and Department of Rural & Community Development.

Dear Cllr Golden,

I refer to the Expression of Interest submitted by you for the Porch Fields looped walking trail under the Outdoor recreation Scheme 2018 and the subsequent application submitted to the Department for their consideration.

We have now received notification from the Department that this project has been approved for funding in the amount of €40,000. Meath County Council will also be making a contribution of 20% to the project in the amount of €8,000, bringing the total project funding amount to €48,000.

I continue to work for additional capital funding to improve this wonderful resource. I expect these works to start in the coming months.

The Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival 2015


The Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival – 16th Oct to 1st Nov 2015

County Meath, uniquely where it all began, is bringing you Ireland’s biggest and most electrifying Halloween Festival – The Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival 2015!!

From Haunted Hills to Eerie Graveyards; Tour of Shadows to Friendly Witches & Spooks and Spells; Thriller Nights to Terrifying Terror Houses – The Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival 2015 will delight & fright equally!

More information on Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival 2015 contact:
Meath Tourism T: +353 46 909 7060  E:  W:

Source: The Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival – 16th Oct to 1st Nov 2015 | Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival