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IDA lead site visits to Meath

5th February 2018, Council Chamber

8.7 Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

“For each year from 2012 to 2017 inclusive, per Municipal District, how many IDA lead
site visits took place and at what sites?”


Meath County Council does not hold any information relating to IDA company visits, nor
would the Council have direct access to such information, most of which would be
highly confidential.

The IDA periodically publishes summary information on a “per county” basis, and it is
highly unlikely that this information would be analysed on an MD basis.
Meath County Council participates in such visits only when requested to do so by the
IDA, and with the consent of the company concerned. In many cases, the Council would
not even be aware of a visit, or it might be brought into the discussion on a second or
later visit if necessary.

In relation to visits in which the Council has been involved, or are aware of, the Council
is not in position to make such information public due to the confidential nature of such
visits, which in some cases would be on a “no name” basis, or which would be subject to
formal non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

Paid Parking Revenue / Cost

Transportation Strategic Policy Committee
18th October 2017, Training Room, Room 128, Buvinda House, Navan.

Notices of Motion
6.1 NoM -Submitted by Councillor Trevor Golden

For Meath County Council to prepare a document for the consideration of the members detailing the following:

The revenue generated and the operating cost of paid parking across the county and per Municipal District.
The annual cost of paid parking bye-law enforcement across the county and per Municipal District.
The cost implication (€/%) to Commercial Rates if parking charges were to be abolished with the retention of enforcement for time limits and illegal parking.

It was noted that at the September Meeting of Meath County Council it was requested to bring this motion to the Transportation and Economic Development SPC’s.

Cllr T Golden presented this Notice of Motion to the meeting and a response to the Motion was circulated to the Members of the committee.Following the presentation the following matters were raised:

  • The motion deals with public parking not private parking.
  • Pay parking has a negative connotation.
  • Businesses in Dunshaughlin are being affected by all day parking of vehicles.
  • If towns such as Ashbourne, Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin are included,the cost of enforcement will increase substantially
  • Enforcement does not work without payment for parking.
  • Difficult to recommend increase of rates as businesses are struggling.
  • Pay by text could allow parking time to be extended.
  • Some businesses with large car parks are assumed to have an unfair advantage; however, these businesses may have purchased and developed land at a cost to them to provide their own parking.
  • Compliance with the parking bye laws had risen from 35% to 90% because of enforcement, with a doubling of turnover of vehicles parking on the streets

Link to Minutes on Meath County Council

Trim – Free Parking Christmas 2016

Comhairle Chontae na Mí
Páirceála Baile Atha Troim um Nollaig, 2016/17
Car Parks all day parking
Saturday 3, December / Dé Sathairn 3, Nollaig
Saturday 10, December / Dé Sathairn 10, Nollaig
Saturday 7, January / Dé Sathairn 7, Eanair
All On Street Parking 11.00 – 18.00 & Car Parks all day
Saturday 17, December to Saturday 31, December
Dé Sathairn 17, Nollaig go Dé Sathairn 31, Nollaig

Free Parking in Trim.

Free Parking in Trim.

Meath Enterprise Week 2016

Alt Text

Meath Enterprise Week 2016 #MEW2016


The #MEW2016 Business Conference & Expo – 15th November @ Knightsbrook Hotel Trim, Co. Meath.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
‘Get Connected – Make It Meath’
Enterprise events throughout Meath from 14th – 18th November

Register here for Meath Enterprise Week 2016

Local Events are listed on the @MeathEnterprise website: Meath Enterprise Week 2016 Local Events

Aldi – Planning Application

Proposed Aldi Store for Trim.

Proposed Aldi Store for Trim. Copyright: Aldi Stores (Ireland) Ltd. / Arthur Gibney & Partners.

Proposed Aldi Store for Trim.

Proposed Aldi Store for Trim. Copyright: Aldi Stores (Ireland) Ltd. / Arthur Gibney & Partners.

The planning application by Aldi Stores (Ireland) Ltd. on the 12/06/2015 is available to view on the planning section of Meath County Council. Planning reference number: TA150598. Retail space: 1,254 sq metres. 106 car parking spaces.

Launch Of Meath Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy for County Meath was launched this evening in Ballymagarvey Village (@ballymagarvey). View the Press Release & Info Graphic from the pack. More details are available at

Economic Development Strategy for County Meath

Economic Development Strategy

Meath Economic Development Strategy

Damien English, Jackie Maguire & Jim Holloway.









Mr. Kevin Stewart, Director of Services, Planning, Enterprise & Environment.
Ms. Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive, Meath County Council.
Dr. Pat McCloughan, Managing Director, PMCA Economic Consulting.
Mr. Frank Ryan, Chairman of the Board, IDA Ireland.
Mr. Damien English T.D. Minister for Skills, Research & Innovation.
Cllr. Jim Holloway, Cathaoirleach, Meath County Council.

Economic Development Strategy for County Meath

Meath Economic Development Strategy 2015-2022

Meath Economic Development Strategy 2015-2022

Key Outputs of the Strategy

  1. An evidence based approach to understanding and transforming the economic performance of the County.
  2. Providing a roadmap for economic growth and opportunities.
  3. Merging investment opportunities with land use planning.
  4. Development of a series of key recommendations to enable the County to realise its economic potential and prosper as a distinct and diverse location to do business.
  5. Translate key messages to various audiences via a range of marketing channels and actions.
Our Aims Our Focus Sector
7,500 new jobs Indigenous
Reverse the downward trend in ratio of self-employed income per head in Meath versus the State
40% increase in new investments Indigenous
Maintain or widen the gap in favour of Meath relative to the country as a whole in respect of the proportion of all employment accounted for by agency-assisted Irish owned enterprises (Meath 12% vs. State 8% in 2011)
Additional client companies (15%) FDI
Narrow the gap against Meath relative to the State in regard to the proportion of all employment accounted for by FDI firms (Meath was 2.9% vs. 7.9%)

The strategy will represent a positive corporate response to improve the county and region – from a social and community perspective as well as economically. In doing so, this Council is actively engaging with and building relationships with businesses who have a role in economic development, harnessing talent and creating attractive living environments. A key challenge will be to ensure more jobs are available within Meath to its residents and that the county is seen as a place to invest in as well as live and visit. In order for this strategy to succeed it requires a collaborative approach between state agencies, enterprise agencies, and the local communities.

Source / Further Details: @MeathCoCo‘s Economic Development & Innovation Unit